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Beyond IQ

Beyond IQ is the only conference series for and about highly and profoundly gifted children, teens, and adults, as well as for the professionals who work with them. We are celebrating our upcoming 20th Boston area conference (April 24-26, 2020, in Boxboro) as well as our 28th conference overall!


Our parent, Gifted Conference Planners, is also coordinating the 14th International Dabrowski Congress, in August, also in Boxboro. We've also got 20+ online courses for gifted & 2e students, starting in January!

The Innovation Institute

The Innovation Institute is inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers among young people, ages 5-17. Whether homeschooled or day-schooled, young people learn alongside our team of professional research scientists and engineers. These passionate instructors serve as learning facilitators, role models, and informal mentors. Their training and career trajectories engage student curiosity and deepen student commitment to learning. 

Instructors balance hands-on science lab experiments and engineering design challenges with Harkness-model, round-table discussion. They use an inquiry-based approach across these formats to empower students to lead their own learning. Courses range from neuroscience and physical chemistry to molecular biology and computer science. Class size is capped at ten students.

A culture of science and engineering permeates all activities and interactions at the Innovation Institute. The Innovation Institute’s four well-equipped labs reflect and reinforce this culture. They also signify the emphasis on experiential learning and our confidence in the abilities of young people to undertake serious learning joyfully.

To find out more about them you can visit theinnovationinstitute.org

Team National​
  • Saving money is not a fad. Let us help you reach your goals for financial freedom.

  • The goal isn’t to have more money, but time freedom for what is important. Let us help.

  • Let us help you catch your dreams with the chance to save and earn money.

  • Dream big dreams with those that believe in you and build those dreams them together.

  • Take your future and your success into your own hands. Let us show you how.

MAGE receives a 10% donation for every new membership in Team National  www.teamnationalusa.com/aklump

 Questions? Contact Ali Klump ali.klump@gmail.com

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth(CTY) is a nonprofit dedicated to recognizing and developing the academic talents of elementary, middle, and high school students. We serve bright learners and their families through research, advocacy, and counseling, as well as our signature summer, online, and family programs. Courses are offered in a variety of topics in math, science, engineering, reading, writing, and the humanities. CTY is accredited for grades K-12 by the Middle States Association of College and Schools. 

Learn more at cty.jhu.edu/start.


 Acera is an independent school located in Winchester MA: dedicated to Science, Creativity, and Leadership. Founded in 2009, Acera is a non-profit STEM/STEAM school serving high-ability students in grades K-8. Its mission is to inspire children to become the problem solvers, innovators, creative thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow. It engages students in individualized, inquiry-based learning that is designed around their passions and aligned with their own abilities. The school’s approach enables children to think in broad new ways about the challenges they see and apply core capacities, such as systems thinking and perspective-taking, to real-world problems. For more information, visit aceraschool.org.


Summer Institute for the Gifted
Summer Study

Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) runs multi-week summer academic programs for gifted, creative, and academically talented students ages 5-17 on prestigious school and college campuses. The programs combine academics with social, cultural, and recreational activities for a truly engaging experience. Through 33 years of experience, SIG has developed a unique opportunity that enriches and enhances students’ natural talents and abilities while encouraging them to engage in individual areas of intellectual passion. This experience is further developed in our 8-week year-round online program. For more information, visit https://www.giftedstudy.org/

SIG Online Learning Program: 

Go Virtual! Go Global! Challenge your mind with intellectual peers from all over the world! Take a SIG course online-- fall, spring, and summer—in interesting multi-disciplinary fields. Eight weeks! Ages 7-12! For current information, please visit www.giftedstudy.org/beyond/online.


Kaleidoscope & KITE 
Summer Enrichment Program

Creative learning for children ages 3-13
June 29 - July 31, 2020

Summer 2020 courses will be held at the Pike School, located at 34 Sunset Rock Road in Andover, Massachusetts.

Visit us at: www.kaleidoscopekids.com  

Contact the office via email (mypopcorn2@aol.com) or phone (978) 474-6232 anytime.

Simon's Rock

If you’re on the verge of 11th or 12th grade and certain you don’t want more of the same, Simon’s Rock can show you what education is like when everyone shares your love of learning. We’re the only residential college experience designed for thoughtful, exceptionally motivated students who are ready to start college early.

To learn more visit us at www.simons-rock.edu



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