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The Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education (MAGE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of parents, educators, and other members. Your donations are tax deductible. MAGE is the Massachusetts affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children.  


MAGE Services Network

Please contact us for more information on how we can support you directly.

Examples of services available are listed below by audience.

SERVICES for Parents​
  • Advocating at your child's school or other place of learning

  • Consulting with you about your child and their educational needs

  • Coaching you on your journey into the world of giftedness

  • Provide information about giftedness

  • Information about testing

  • Suggestions for service providers

SERVICES for K-12 Educators
  • PD on topics such as

    • Gifted 101- Basics of giftedness​​

    • Strategies for working with the gifted 

    • Social & emotional issues of gifted

    • Behavior issues common with gifted 

    • Gifted students in the  classroom

  • Consulting on a student

  • Working with a district

  • Developing programming

SERVICES for Universities
  • Professors & classes

    • Guest lecturers

    • Adjunct professor

  • Curriculum

    • University courses in gifted ed.

    • PD modules on gifted ed. topics

SERVICES for Students
  • In school and after school:

    • Enrichment​

    • Tutoring

    • Mentoring

Homeschooler SERVICES 
  • School district home education plan assistance

  • Parent support 

  • Tutoring and enrichment

  • STEM workshops

  • Humanities and Arts workshops

  • Parent Meet-ups

  • Parent coaching

  • Team Competitions (Olympiads, Mock Trial, Destination Imagination, Robotics, etc.)

Twice Exceptional SERVICES

Students, Families, and Educators