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Award: The recipient of the Nicholas Green Award will receive money towards participation in an enrichment program (i.e., summer camp, online course, etc.) of his/her choice. Funding to defray the costs of the program will be a maximum of $500. This scholarship depends on the donations of sponsors. More than one award may be given. 


Eligibility: Students with exemplary potential in one or more areas 

who are in grades 3 through 8 at the time of the nomination.

The student must be a resident of Massachusetts. 


Nomination: A student can be nominated by a teacher, parent, or counselor.  


Deadline: March 31, 2019

DOWNLOAD the Instructions and Application form 

for the 2019 Nicholas Green Award:

Application/Nomination Form (doc)

Application/Nomination Form (pdf)

Additional Funds are needed to continue this award. 

The Nicholas Green Foundation recognized a gifted student in each state, every year from 2000-2013. The award was made possible through a generous donation from the Green family, which was administered by NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children). Nicholas was a bright seven-year old who was killed in a senseless shooting while on vacation in Italy. His parents wanted to keep his memory alive, and they donated money they had saved for his college expenses to fund this award.


Although the money ran out in 2013, MAGE, together with the assistance of our sponsors, is continuing this recognition.

As you may know, there are no state funds currently earmarked for Gifted and Talented students in Massachusetts, nor are there any state-wide programs that help to challenge these students. MAGE feels that it is important to recognize and inspire advanced students. In lieu of a savings bond, the MAGE committee would like to defray costs for the students to participate in summer institutes, online courses, and other programs for high ability students. We believe that this option will have an important impact on the student’s life beyond a financial benefit. Often, it is through these specific programs that advanced students gain a sense of belonging and gain social-emotional skills in addition to the cognitive challenges.


Nominations are accepted each year from January through March.
For further information, contact:

Helen Bentley
MAGE Nicholas Green Awards Committee

Nicholas Green Awardees from the past

Where are They Now?

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One of our 2018

Award Winners


Services Network

Need based

Scholarships and

Financial Aid

The top ten percent of all money that comes in for MAGE Services goes to fund scholarships and provide financial aid for bright, gifted, and advanced students whose family would not otherwise be able to afford our services. 

This includes payment plans and awards. 

Each situation is different. We do our best to help any students who need it.

In this way we hope to help support all students who need us.

To find out more about these options.

Contact: MaryGrace Stewart, Ed.D.

MAGE Services Network Coordinator

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