Announcing the 20th Nicholas Green Scholarship
Change a Life!

Nominate a student for a Nicholas Green Award. The winner receives up to $500 towards an enrichment program of the student’s choice. 


NOMINATION forms, More information, Application, and Past Winners


DEADLINE: April 17, 2020

This scholarship is funded entirely by donations.

Please encourage and support our gifted students through this program.




2020 MAGE Award Nominations


Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond for our gifted children?

  • A teacher or school district employee? 

  • A legislator?

  • A champion of our mission?


Please Nominate them for an Award.

It's easy, and it's important to recognize their efforts!


For more details:

2020 Educator of the Year Award

2020 Legislator of the Year Award

2020 MAGE Service Award


2019 Report Shows Massachusetts Needs Gifted Education

In June 2018 the state legislature mandated that the state's department of education (a.k.a. DESE) have independent research done into the practices, policies, and educational needs of students  who could achieve beyond their grade level and the those who are gifted. The Final Report was released 8/21/2019. 

The report recommended creating a taskforce to:

  • Define giftedness and measures to assess giftedness;

  • Determine most effective way to collect data on gifted students;

  • Consider best practices of other states and districts;

  • Establish state policy and guidelines on acceleration;

  • Track and report on the excellence gap; identify and implement strategies to close it.

  • Include instruction on the learning needs of gifted students as part of teacher training for all teachers; and

  • Hire staff at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with expertise in gifted students and gifted education.

Commonwealth Magazine

Jan 30, 2020

Is Massachusetts failing its brightest kids? 

Report finds advanced low-income, black, and Latino students may pay the steepest price 

Daily Hampshire Gazette


Focusing on ability: Advocates for programs for “gifted” students hope to allow them to reach their potential



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