FREE Online classes Starting May 4th, 2020

Helping Learning Stay Alive and Well

If your bright child isn't getting an education that is commensurate with their abilities these days, maybe we can help.

Dr. Stewart, MAGE's President, is offering free online classes for 6 weeks starting May 4th. They will be tailored to match student readiness and interest. These classes are a pilot project in anticipation of a broader range of classes coming in the summer and fall. 

After surveying many parents the data came back that about 30 families were interested in these kinds of classes. Then the survey asked what topics or subjects parents wanted for their children. The top four in this order were Creative Problem Solving, Science, Math, and Writing. So those will be included in this pilot project. Dr. Stewart is also adding a class she is calling, "Follow Your Dreams." That is a class that is a guided independent study, independent investigation of a real-world problem that culminates in a product or service, an invention, or other creation based on a topic that the student is truly passionate about.

Parents are able to sign their children up for as many or as few classes as work for them. Also, we anticipate that there will be different age groups for each class and that within those groups students will be at different levels of readiness but this isn't a problem for Dr. Stewart. It's what she is used to.  

As for timing, the children's asynchronous development will be taken into consideration and even though they may be advanced in their knowledge, it is understood that different ages of children may need different amounts of time so that will also be taken into consideration. For example, it isn't a problem if some students need to leave after 20 minutes while others may want to stay for an hour. It is currently planned that academic classes such as math, science, and writing will take place twice a week and the others once a week.

In order to try to create classes at a time that is the most advantageous for the most people, we are also asking when the child is not available. We will try to be as accommodating as possible with days and times.

The schedule is being formulated at the end of this week and classes will be intentionally small so, if you are interested please let us know. 

If you have specific questions you can email Dr. Stewart at She will respond as quickly as she can.

Let's keep on learning so we can and stay healthy both in mind and body!

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