MAGE Services Network
Tutoring and classes for homeschoolers

Learn more about services for advanced, bright, gifted, high potential, and twice-exceptional students that match your child's educational needs and interests, grades K-10 in Western MA.

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  • Homeschooling Gifted Kids:

  • A Practical Guide to Educate and Motivate Advanced Learners, by Cindy West

  • Perspectives in Homeschooling Series

  • Making the Choice: When Typical School Doesn't Fit Your Atypical Child, by Barsily Goodwin & Gustavson

  • Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget, by Rivera


Other Resources
AHEM (Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts)

Information, Support, and Regional Homeschooling Groups in MA


The Home School Mom

"A great place to start for questions, curriculum, planning, and much more!"


HSLDA (Homeschooling Legal Defense Association)

Information about the legal parts of homeschooling


Homeschool Coop, Resource Center & Independent Learning Center

located in Chelmsford MA


An Open Letter to Parents of Bright and Gifted Children in MA

Advice for Parents