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MAGE 2020 Online Conference - June 20th to July 3rd

The MAGE 2020 Online Conference is coming soon! It is for anyone who cares about advanced, bright, gifted, talented, & twice-exceptional children and teens. The kick-off event will be Saturday, June 20th at 10:00 am. It will continue that week with recorded presentations which can be viewed that week at your convenience and will be followed with 2 discussion groups each evening starting June 27th to July 3rd that are connected to the recorded presentations.

The presentations on such topics as the Social and Emotional needs of the gifted, Parenting gifted children and teens, Working with your school to keep gifted students challenged, Understanding and parenting twice-exceptional children and teens, Teaching gifted students in the regular classroom, What gifted education can be like in public schools of MA, Equity in gifted education, Advocating for gifted education in your school, district, the state department of education, and at the legislative level, progress at the state level and what you can do to help.

This is a "Pay What You Can Event." We hope everyone and anyone who wants to, will attend!
Go to our website massgifted.org to register.

Registered individuals will receive the login information for the presentations and discussion groups.
We sincerely hope you will all attend!

As always, we are here for you!


2019 Report Shows Massachusetts Needs Gifted Education

In June 2018 the state legislature mandated that the state's department of education (a.k.a. DESE) have independent research done into the practices, policies, and educational needs of students who could achieve beyond their grade level and those who are gifted. The Final Report was released on 8/21/2019. 

The report recommended creating a task force to:

  • Define giftedness and measures to assess giftedness;

  • Determine the most effective way to collect data on gifted students;

  • Consider best practices of other states and districts;

The report also urges the state to:

  • Establish state policy and guidelines on acceleration;

  • Track and report on the excellence gap; identify and implement strategies to close it.

  • Include instruction on the learning needs of gifted students as part of teacher training for all teachers; and

  • Hire staff at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with expertise in gifted students and gifted education.

2020 MAGE Family Retreat

is postponed to summer of 2021

We hope you will join us then!


If you had already registered, you should be getting a full refund from us and if you reserved a room you should get a refund from Ferry Beach (less a $10.00 servicing fee.)



The mission of MAGE is to:

  • support and advance the understanding of high potential/gifted children and their special needs; 

  • promote the establishment of programs, services, and opportunities for high ability/gifted students; and

  • encourage the exchange of information pertaining to gifted individuals among educators, parents, policy-makers, and students on the national, state, and local level.

We recognize the need to provide every Massachusetts student, regardless of cultural or socio-economic background, the opportunity to be educated in a manner that is fully commensurate with his/her ability or talent without restriction.







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