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September 23, 2017 

Friends: Gifted Kids Need Them Too!


The Bellingham Public Library

Parents gathered with Suzanne Fedorka and Magdi Sobeih to discuss friendships and social-emotional needs of their children. 

Suzanne is one of only 29 educators in the entire state of Massachusetts with an endorsement in Academically Advanced Education, and Magdi is a Pediatric Neurologist.

Meanwhile children of all ages used their imaginations to "make Friendship Soup", used problem-solving skills to build a "tent", played a serious game of Boggle, and even made a weather vane. These activities brought out their best collective leadership skills and intellectual creativity.

Special thanks to MAGE member, Carol Bird, for coordinating this event with the library and for providing refreshments.

APRIL 2, 2017


2017 MAGE Conference

Co-sponsored by

Boston University Academy









                    The Keynote Speaker Susan DuLong-Langley

             Spoke on "Empowering Thinking and Learning"

There were Panel Discussions on Empowering Teachers and Students






Empowering Teachers to

Challenge Their Bright Students

Colleen Carey, Judy Friedland-Leavey,                       The Student panel answered questions from the       Vicky Oatley, and Andrea Roda                                                 moderator and the audience on

                                                                                      How to Empower Yourselves as Gifted Students









Students ready to perform their skit                        Carol Lach congratulates

after the Heartful Theatre Co.Workshop.            Superintendent Gordon Smith for 

                                                                        East Longmeadow's Gifted and Talented                                                                                        Program, recipient of the MAGE 

                                                                         Gifted Education of the Year Award                    








Paige Brewster of BUA received the 

2017 MAGE Service Award 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Marin received the 2016-17

                                                                                  Nicholas Green Award

                                                                          from Carol Lach, MAGE President.






Kate Cook and Anne Fallon

presented on

The Narrative Road to Self-Advocacy



                                                                              Representatives of Fox Searchlight gave 

                                                                                        passes for the movie "Gifted"



An informative and fun time was had by all!





Parents had a chance to speak with Presenters and Exhibitors.

Here Amanda from Oak Meadow, speaks to a parent.                                            


MARCH 25, 2017


Perspectives of

Bright Students

A MAGE Day Event 

at the Northborough Library

Parents gathered with MAGE Board members for a short film followed by an informal discussion, while the children socialized with games and a building project.

MARCH 11, 2017  

Parenting Your Intellectually Curious Child

 A MAGE Day Event hosted by Voyagers, Inc.


        A successful event for the whole family.

Parents heard of the challenges and successes of raising bright kids

from Carol Lach, Ph.D., MAGE President and educator,  Dr. Lisa Lach

spoke about Vision issues and learning, followed by a mother-daughter

discussion on nurturing talents

and homeschooling by Melinda Stewart, LICSW

and Elizabeth Husong.

Meanwhile, the kids were happily engaged in a drama activity with Lisa Kramer of

The Heartful Theatre Company, as well as games, and building projects.  



Special thanks to Kathy Lowney, event coordinator.

 February 15, 2017

A Quilt for Their Talents

A MAGE Presentation in Cooperation with the Arlington Parents Forum   

by MaryGrace Stewart, gifted education specialist 







This event was well attended and the audience gained a greater understanding of the myths, opportunities, challenges and needs of our intellectually curious children.


With special thanks to Amy Duke,

Arlington ACE Program teacher and MAGE events

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