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Imagine the Possibilities ~ 2018 MAGE Annual Spring Conference

Co-sponsored by Boston University Academy          

March 24, 2018                            

Boston University

MAGE's annual conference, with 90 registrants included amazing speakers, exhibitors with a lot to offer, awards for students and those who support our mission, opportunities for parents to talk with experts and network, and activities for the children.







A Great Break for All

February 4, 2018                            

Puzzlebreak, Newton       

MAGE sponsored a fun event at PuzzleBreak. Our team of 11 kids found clues and solved puzzles.  They escaped theroom with two minutes to spare! Kudos to these super sleuths—only 30% of all those who enter the puzzle room actually solve their way out.



Meanwhile, the parents met and chatted in the party room. Pizza and drinks were enjoyed by all.


A Venn Diagram for Student Success

Sponsored by the Arlington Parent Forum

February 1, 2018 

The Ottoson School, Arlington

The 2018 MAGE presentation at Ottoson School in Arlington, sponsored by the Arlington Parents Forum, stressed the importance of working together, Parent-School-Child.

Amy Duke introduced our guest speaker, MaryGrace Stewart, who has over 30 years experience in gifted education.

The 5 main points were:

  • Empower yourself with knowledge about giftedness
  • Build relationships
  • Find Common Ground
  • Know your Options
  • Manage Emotions

Ms. Stewart took us from the history of IQ tests to Massachusetts schools today, with budget crunches, general education’s limitations, and many priorities. She gave practical advice on how to work with schools to help your children receive the understanding and services they need. The conversation began with chocolate.


Introduction by Amy Duke      Parents listen and take notes   MaryGrace Stewart provides guidance

The exchange of Information and ongoing communications are keys to success. Parents listened intently, asked questions, and took notes.

Presentation slides can be viewed here

Friends: Gifted Kids Need Them Too!

September 23, 2017

The Bellingham Public Library

Parents gathered with Suzanne Fedorka and Magdi Sobeih to discuss friendships and social-emotional needs of their children.

Suzanne is one of only 29 educators in the entire state of Massachusetts with an endorsement in Academically Advanced Education, and Magdi is a Pediatric Neurologist.