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FOR 2018 

SIG Summer Program: 

Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) runs multi-week summer academic programs for gifted, creative, and academically talented students ages 5-17 on prestigious school and college campuses. The programs combine academics with social, cultural, and recreational activities for a truly engaging experience. Through 33 years of experience, SIG has developed a unique opportunity that enriches and enhances students’ natural talents and abilities while encouraging them to engage in individual areas of intellectual passion. This experience is further developed in our 8 week year-round online program. For more information, visit

SIG Online Learning Program: 

Go Virtual! Go Global! Challenge your mind with intellectual peers from all over the world! Take a SIG course online-- fall, spring, and summer—in interesting multi-disciplinary fields. Eight weeks! Ages 7-12! For current information, please visit



The Innovation Institute is a leading science & engineering academic enrichment program for highly motivated children ages 5-17. Offering homeschool, afterschool and vacation programs, courses range from Electrical Engineering to Neuroscience. Students learn alongside talented scientists, engineers, and educators. As one nine-year-old girl exclaimed after class, “Dr. Boshra is the real deal. She is a scientist.” Focused on “how” and “why,” critical and creative thinking are the ingredients for learning on which Ti2 focuses that has parents calling The Innovation Institute “a local treasure.”

For more information and to Contact us, go to


             KALEIDOSCOPE and KITE

    Summer Enrichment Program


    The Mass Media Blast Team from last summer's Kaleidoscope program.


This year's program Rollercoasters and Carousels: Full STEAM AHEAD for academically advanced students will be held from July 30th - August 3rd, 2018. 


Contact the office via email ( or phone (978) 474-6232 anytime.



Math Enrichment

Good news: your child has talent in Math. 

But how do you measure it and keep it growing?  Where do you have find a mentor?  

We at RSM have answers.

 Visit us to learn more about summer and year-round offerings.



Creating Visionaries, Innovators, and Leaders of Tomorrow. 

Now accepting applications for all grades Pre-K through 8.

Academy Hill School, grades Pre-K-8, offers an accelerated academic program for bright, curious and enthusiastic learners. Our curriculum is individualized to accommodate the unique needs of each student. More importantly, learning is enriched and extended, depending on each child’s particular interest in content area. Critical thinking skills, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, are developed from the earliest grades. Academy Hill follows the Singapore Math curriculum for grades K-5, and in 4th and 5th grade students are introduced to Latin vocabulary and Roman life, culture and history.  In grades 6-8, students begin Classical studies as excerpts in Latin such as Cicero’s orations, Ovid, Catullus, Marcus Aurelius, Tacitus and Seneca are read.  An additional hallmark of an Academy Hill education is our  “Good Morning Show” and “Afternoon Student Forum”, where research and presentation skills are taught, practiced and reinforced.  To learn more about Academy Hill visit our website

A variety of summer programs will be available in June and are open to the community.



The Sage School in Foxboro, has been a leader in the field of gifted education for 25 years. Serving students in PK through 8.

For more information, visit

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